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In , a teenager discovered a mysterious circular depression in the ground on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, and ignited rumors of buried treasure. At first the group figured they'd hit a treasure chest, but quickly realized that they had found a platform of oaken logs sunk into the sides of the shaft. Discover Nova Scotia's fascinating Oak Island Treasure and famous Money Pit. The world's longest running treasure hunt since ! Oak Island treasure found videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Oak Island treasure found. Who's treasure is it? Captain Kidd is given the credit for burying it. Around , in Sussex England, a retired lawyer named Hubert Palmer found three charts.

She has introduced a bill to amend the Oak Island Treasure Act, but treasure hunters believe the current regulations are enough. “We have found certain clues. Oak Island is a privately owned island in Lunenburg County on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The tree-covered island is one of several islands in. The team meets with an expert to analyze the origins of a piece of leather discovered near the money pit. Ryan James Kelly and K others. Clause 5 requires a permit holder to report any heritage objects the permit holder finds. Clause 6 allows persons whose existing treasure-hunting licences are. Aug 27, - Explore James Zimmer's board "Oak island treasure found" on Pinterest. See more ideas about oak island treasure found, oak island, oak island. The Curse of Oak Island is a multi-season reality television series that chronicles a team of treasure hunters run by brothers Marty and Rick Lagina and its. No treasure was to be found, but the legend which sprung up around the supposed buried treasure was so intense that generations of individuals for years. Apparently he did bury a treasure on Gardiner island (a small island off Long island NY) which the Governor had dug up and shipped to England as. treasure and the fabled money pit of Oak Island Oak Island and Oak Island Resort on Nova Scotia's At the Chester Train Station, find the Explore Oak Island.

Explore the many interesting and mysterious treasure finds found on Lot Five of Oak Island, NS Canada. Shards of pottery were discovered at an astounding feet underground. No other human-made object has been recovered on Oak Island at that depth. The. This is very interesting and was mentioned on the show, "Ancient Aliens." Many think there's a treasure buried from pirates to be found. Some think the "Ark of. Lynds felt sure that it was a treasure chest. But next morning he was amazed to find 18 metres of water in the pit. Weeks of bailing proved fruitless; the water. Did the lagina brothers find the treasure on Oak Island? Two Brothers Accomplished the Impossible When They Discovered Buried Treasure on Oak Island - Finally! Did They Find the Oak Island Treasure? No, despite numerous attempts, the elusive treasure has remained hidden, shrouded in a web of secrets. The top 25 treasures discovered on Oak Island So far · 1. The Money Pit · 2. Jewelled Brooch · 3. Granite Stone · 4. Coconut Fibres · 5. Swages · 6. Bone. Artefacts Discovered on Oak Island · Boatswain's Whistle Made of bone or Ivory was found at Smith's Cove in · Brass Thin brass was retrieved from borehole. Nova Scotia's coastline is dotted with hundreds of islands. One of them, Oak Island, holds a mystery that has captivated people for centuries. Marty and Rick.

found and nothing that says treasure either. Plus, there's no way to ensure the hinge was found there since History Channel has a history with fake shows. The Curse of Oak Island team may have finally found evidence of long-term habitation on Lot 5 and directly linked the site with the Money Pit and the Garden. Strange man made artefacts have been recovered from the pit over the years, but to this day, the treasure still remains buried. Pirates, the Knights Templar or. Despite all that, the mystery remains unsolved, and not a single dime of treasure has ever been recovered. Yet even today the search continues. An estimated $5. Off Nova Scotia, the tiny spit of land called Oak Island has been host to waves of treasure hunters for more than years. Some of them lost their lives.

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